About Us

MABBCO® MOTORS, established in 1964, is recognized for excellence in re-manufacturing engines and cylinder heads both import and domestic engines. And MABBCO® MOTORS is a leading of supplier of engine kits and parts.

From Alaska to Florida to Australia and all the Continents and States in between—MABBCO® has delivered thousands of motors and engine kits to satisfied customers.

MABBCO® MOTORS & Engine Kits

MABBCO® MOTORSare extraordinary! They are machined, assembled, and tested by skilled machinist and engine builders with an average of over 15 years of experience, each of whom is authorized to reject any motor, component, or part that fails to meet specification. Quality at MABBCO® is not just a slogan but a way of life that permeates every step in the MABBCO® remanufacturing process.

MABBCO® ENGINE KITSare Exceptional! They are assembled using the same parts our skilled and experienced technicians use every day to build the long and short blocks sold and warranted by MABBCO®. That's right, you benefit from our years of experience and engine stand testing! Since we test every engine we build, when you purchase a MABBCO® kit, you know the parts you are getting are the same parts which have proven reliable through years of actual testing.

MABBCO® Quality

Quality-Affordable Parts - Our volume purchasing of quality parts from leading automotive manufactures lowers your cost of an Engine Kit or a MABBCO® MOTOR. Some of the manufactures you may recognize are Melling®, Clevite®, Pioneer®, Victor-Reinz®, MAHLE®, U.S. Seal®, Fel-Pro®, Elgin®, King Bearing®, Silvolite®, NPR®, and Enginetech®.

Engine Inspection & Cleaning - Engines are professionally inspected before and after they are cleaned in an environmentally friendly Sunnen® thermal cleaning system.

Engine Component Preparation - Cleaned engine components are machined with scientifically engineered equipment by skilled technicians with an average of over ten years experience in their craft.

Block Boring & Honing - Blocks are bored on a Rottler® boring bar and then honed to a plateau finish using a Sunnen® diamond cylinder hone to meet the demanding requirements of modern automotive and marine engine technology.

Crankshaft Grinding - Crankshafts are ground on a world-class crankshaft grinder, imported from Italy, and then micro-polished.

Cylinder Head Services - Cylinder heads to assure sealing and proper compression, receive a valve job, are milled using CBN technology, and tested before they are released for installation.

Motor Assembly - Once the motor's components are cleaned, machined, and tested they are assembled by skilled and experienced engine builders, with access to computer data bases, to ensure the motor's components are properly installed in accordance with published specifications.

Computerized Testing - After the long or short block is assembled it is run on a computerized engine test stand to verify proper assembly, oil pressure, and piston fit.